MSM 2013

Dr. Rohaya Othman, telah membentang dua kertas kerja penyelidikan di 22nd Scientific Conference of Microscopy Society of Malaysia (MSM 2013) pada 26 hingga 28 November 2013 di Primula Beach Hotel, Terengganu.

Dua kertas kerja tersebut ialah;

  1. The Distribution of PCC on the Pulp Fibre Surfaces and in the Lumen with the effect of Polyelectrolytes and Mechanical Treatment on the Pulp Fibre. Authors: Rohaya Othman ,Abd. Rahman Abd.Aziz dan Nasharuddin Isa
  2. Producing Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC) using Sucrose Solution as a Promoter: The Study on Parameters which Affect its Particles Shape and Size. Authors: Abd.RahmanAbd.Aziz, Nasharuddin Isa dan Rohaya Othman.

Written by : ezulia